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Graduation here I come!

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 09 July 2018 · 599 views

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Graduation here I come! Congratulations to all the new graduates out there. I was following through social media quietly jealous of those who completed their studies and achieved their goals. It’s pretty cool to see graduates and get proof that what we are doing will lead to that day. For me, I am on the countdown - another exam and then two more courses for the rest of this year and that is me done! It sees the end of 8 years of study!

I started with a certificate in management, which led to the bachelor of business, which got changed slightly to a bachelor of business with a human resource major. Before I get too excited and get my gown on - I have a slight hurdle to overcome in the form of statistical analysis. It is a core course and one which has been left until last on purpose. It is worst nightmare material for me personally.

Although I see the merit - I'm good going through life without any further knowledge of stats and how I analyse them. What makes this even worse is that I will be doing this course over summer. So instead of Sunday afternoons being spent at the beach, they will be spent doing statistical analysis. Argh.... do you feel my pain?

You probably have a course that you feel this way about, some that you really enjoy which is how I got the Human Resources part of the degree. As I worked my way through each course there were two standouts for me which I really enjoyed, Law, and Human Resources. I am sure all the grads must have found themselves in this spot, having to work through things they didn't want to do - but they got on and did it and that's pretty impressive and motivating.

One course to get myself to that graduation - mate the stat of that happening is 100%

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This blog post was written by Lana. She fits her study in around two young children and part-time employment in the banking industry. Lana is working her way towards a Bachelor of Business at Open Polytechnic.

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