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The struggle – Study vs Netflix

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 20 April 2017 · 3603 views

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The struggle – Study vs Netflix ‘Tell me why you’re not studying’? I asked one of the girls I work with this question. She gave me a number of reasons: difficult balancing life, finding time to fit it in, fear of failing, wasting money and missing out (on social events etc. because of study). All valid reasons.

People who know I am studying will often say to me, ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ Well, I don’t know how I do it either, especially now that I have discovered Netflix and Harvey Spector. I am in LOVE. I would readily get on a plane and go to Hardman Pearson in New York to find him, marry him and live happily ever after. I have to remind myself that it’s not real life and Harvey is make-believe. I watch Suits a couple of times a week during trimester time and most nights in the holidays. I’m only on season two and I’m told there are about six or seven seasons, so to say that I am highly tempted to binge-watch Harvey every night would be a huge understatement.

But I guess that’s how the readings get fitted in. You have to give up a little bit of something, in this case, Harvey (which isn’t easy) in order to gain a little bit of something, with any luck a degree. I don’t think missing out on social events has impacted me too much. I have friends that have a boat and we often go out wakeboarding with them over the summer. I don’t want to miss out so for the summer papers it is imperative that Mum is booked in for babysitting and I’m on top of what needs to be done.

Not leaving it to the last minute is key. That’s when you miss out – when something is on but an assignment is due in two days and you haven’t started, or are a bit behind. You have no other option other than to give the wakeboarding a miss and type an assignment instead.

I asked my friend to give me the reasons she would want to study. She replied:
• A brighter future for my family
• Providing a sound foundation
• For my son to look up to me
• Feeling of accomplishment

I agree with her answers above and I’m sure there are Mums and Dads all around the country who have the same motivation for their study. There is no doubt it’s a commitment to study and it’s important to have the support of your family.

Remember it’s not forever, it’s just for right now, and the end result will be worth it!

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This blog post was written by Lana. She fits her study in around two young children and part-time employment in the banking industry. Lana is working her way towards a Bachelor of Business at Open Polytechnic.

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