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Staying focused under challenging conditions

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 02 February 2017 · 1135 views

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Staying focused under challenging conditions I love tennis - I just love watching the Opens. Both of my kids were born around the time of year the American Open is played in New York, meaning the games are on in the middle of the night here in New Zealand. Any parent out there will know how important sleep is when you have a new baby and you are up feeding etc. It's tough, except when you can watch Roger Federer in the middle of the night. My partner used to say to me before bed, “don't you stay up and watch him if he's on tonight, you need to sleep.”

I love my sleep, but I've been guilty of staying up rocking a baby in the bouncer (asleep) for hours yelling (whispering loudly) at the TV, at Roger along with Novak, the Williams sisters, Wozniacki and the like. Roger was definitely worth the loss of sleep. One day I hope to yell at him in real life where he can hear me. To date, I've never seen him play in real life but here's hoping I will one day.

Serena Williams played at the ASB classic in Auckland this year. It was her first trip to New Zealand, coming on the recommendation of her sister and given our outstanding summer this year (not), she happened to hit Auckland and play in gales. She said afterwards it was her least favourite conditions that she's ever played in. She was given a fair amount of grief from the media afterwards for her performance, dropping out in the second round.

Google search tells me Serena's net worth is $150m. So you'd assume she probably has an indoor tennis court at home, most of her training would be done in somewhat controlled conditions and given tennis is a summer sport, you'd assume this tennis superstar would probably give gale force conditions a miss and play in the sun, in summer conditions. Her 'least favourite conditions ever' - fair to say she probably won't be back.

Studying in the summer is somewhat difficult as well - your conditions, like Serena's, may indeed change from the usual. To a tent in the campground, the bach, overseas, or just school holidays with kids around constantly is enough to upset your usual study routine. As I write this, I have a wriggling toddler sitting on me watching paw patrol in the background; there are certainly better conditions to work in.

You do what you got to do to get through it right? I've done two assignments over the summer with one outstanding. They were hard work. One I applied for an extension, which I didn't use but I didn't know if I would get past the line, given all the other things that were happening at a busy time of year. Thankfully, it got submitted on time. So if you're like me and you've struggled with your summer conditions, know that you are not alone. Move on to the next assignment and face the new year with focus. Serena played only eight tournaments last year (4 opens and 4 lead ups) her focus clearly on the Opens.

She has recently gone on to win the 2017 Australian Open and is looking like she's in great form, despite the Auckland result. If you're struggling over the summer, regain your focus, concentrate on where you want to go and what you want to do. - For me its three level 5 papers (eeek) and getting closer to the end of my degree. Bring on 2017 - and some sun.

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This blog post was written by Lana. She fits her study in around two young children and part-time employment in the banking industry. Lana is working her way towards a Bachelor of Business at Open Polytechnic.

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