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When life coincides with exams

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 20 June 2016 · 1231 views

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When life coincides with exams Semester 1 done and dusted for this year. Congratulations if you’ve gotten through it and completed your course. I have finished Employment Relations (exam results pending) and really enjoyed the course, learnt heaps and would recommend it.

The lead up to my exam was more stressful than usual in that I was quite sick. Nothing like catching your kids bugs to make you appreciate your health. 48 hours out from my exam I was lying on the couch watching Frozen for the hundredth time (no sick days when you’re a Mum) feeling sorry for myself. What I should have been doing is studying.

I was sick enough for a trip to the doctor and there were nearly tears in her office Monday morning as I told her I had an exam in a couple of days. With the amount of degrees hanging on her wall she knew what paper work was required and told me she was more than happy to sign the paper work but she had to see me again tomorrow. She gave me some drugs and we hoped for the best.

I really wanted to do the exam – yes you read that right, I wanted to do it. I had done really well in this course and enjoyed it, so wanted a crack at the exam shooting for a high mark, I didn’t want to get a pass just to get a pass. Back home to Frozen and my prescribed meds and very thankfully the next day woke up feeling a million times better.

Needless to say, my Mother was called in for some urgent babysitting duties after work as I did what I didn’t want to do – I crammed. I had done some previous study but given I had been down a week, some serious information needed to be retained.

Exam time came around and I was ok until I got to question 2a. It was that moment where I actually didn’t know. I hadn’t studied it at all – I don’t even remember seeing the theory I was being asked about. Blank.

This is what my answer should have been: ‘I’m sorry I’m not going to lie – I don’t know’

I missed the question and carried on and came back to it, I wrote an answer, but the answer above would have saved my lecturer a lot of time in not giving any marks and moving on. The rest of the exam was good, I’m hoping it was a pass. Probably not the pass I wanted but hey – I’ll just have to let it go.

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This blog post was written by Lana. She fits her study in around two young children and part-time employment in the banking industry. Lana is working her way towards a Bachelor of Business at Open Polytechnic.

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