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Lana's Study Journey


My study buddy Bear

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 14 June 2017 · 841 views
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My study buddy Bear If you follow this blog you will know that nearly a year ago I brought a dog called Bear for my daughter. He is a purebred Golden Labrador...well meant to be. People often ask me what kind of dog he is, when I reply a Lab the reaction I generally get is 'really?' and you can see what their thinking, 'Gawd she got ripped off'.

Bear is gangly, all legs and...


The struggle – Study vs Netflix

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 20 April 2017 · 1895 views
Struggles of studying and 8 more...
The struggle – Study vs Netflix ‘Tell me why you’re not studying’? I asked one of the girls I work with this question. She gave me a number of reasons: difficult balancing life, finding time to fit it in, fear of failing, wasting money and missing out (on social events etc. because of study). All valid reasons.

People who know I am studying will often say to me, ‘I don’t know how you d...


Getting through those readings

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 04 April 2017 · 743 views

Getting through those readings If you happen to read this blog I will apologise for being a bit late. I have started this year’s study with a Level 7 course in Human Resources, and I tell you what, it is hard going! I think this paper has had the most readings of all the papers I have done, and given its all academic writing, I’m not going to lie – I’m finding it hard.

I love to read....


Staying focused under challenging conditions

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 02 February 2017 · 848 views
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Staying focused under challenging conditions I love tennis - I just love watching the Opens. Both of my kids were born around the time of year the American Open is played in New York, meaning the games are on in the middle of the night here in New Zealand. Any parent out there will know how important sleep is when you have a new baby and you are up feeding etc. It's tough, except when you can watch...


Study over Christmas

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 14 December 2016 · 830 views
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Study over Christmas If you follow this blog you would have noticed there hasn’t been one for a while – apologies.

I tell you what I have been flat out. I have just started my first level 7 paper and it has taken a lot of my time. There is heaps of readings and the assignment took me over 10 hours to write (and re-write). It is definitely a challenging way to end my year....


Success is your choice

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 11 October 2016 · 1127 views
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Success is your choice Life isn’t easy, neither is studying

Most people reading this will know who Richie McCaw is. For those that don’t he is ex All Black captain who has brought home a couple of Rugby World cups, flies helicopters in his spare time and has a beautiful wife-to-be who is one of our Black Sticks hockey players, Gemma. Amongst other successes most would say that...


The dreaded "E" word

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 08 September 2016 · 1094 views
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The dreaded "E" word So I had to apply for my first ever extension.

Which is probably enough to tell you that so far this semester of employment law study has been hard work for me. I basically just found the assignment to be quite full on and with sick kids, very sick me, along with all the other day to day life stressors, I ended up slightly under pressure. I went off to...


My furry study buddy

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 10 August 2016 · 1122 views
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My furry study buddy Meet my new study buddy – Bear

If you follow this blog you are probably thinking to yourself – this chick has got a puppy now, she is crazy.

Oh but how I love him. Bear and I are studying Employment Law this semester, it’s hard and I so enjoy it. Now you’re thinking, yip definitely crazy.

I have really enjoyed all the law papers that I have done. I do...


When life coincides with exams

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 20 June 2016 · 1232 views
exams, distance learning
When life coincides with exams Semester 1 done and dusted for this year. Congratulations if you’ve gotten through it and completed your course. I have finished Employment Relations (exam results pending) and really enjoyed the course, learnt heaps and would recommend it.

The lead up to my exam was more stressful than usual in that I was quite sick. Nothing like catching your kids bugs...


Sticking with it through torch light and Minecraft

Posted by Open Polytechnic , 01 June 2016 · 1072 views
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Sticking with it through torch light and Minecraft I currently have no washing machine. #firstworldproblem. I currently have no power in any of the bedrooms in my house.

There is mess everywhere and when I clean it, there are three tornadoes following behind me messing it back up. Namely my son, daughter and partner/DIY guy.

This may sound all too familiar to some of you who have been through a major ho...

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